Complete Guide To Visit Lisbon And Surroundings

If there is a romantic city in Europe that moves away from the stereotypes of romanticism that is the Lusitanian capital. Especially at dusk, when its light gets reflected in the tiles of the facades of the buildings of the Barrio Alto, this one of the most significant factor in the city, giving the city a nostalgic air of a bygone era. But this is not the only charming neighborhood, in fact, both the city and its surroundings deserve a mention. We tell you what are the excursion spots near Lisbon you can be passionate about and you will also know towns near Lisbon. In addition, we will tell you what are the essential visits of the city. Go packing, and do not forget the camera!

Things to visit in Lisbon: places you can not miss

As we had already anticipated, the Barrio Alto is one of the essential visits. It is not the only one, there are many things for you to visit so we recommend that you take at least a week to visit Lisbon and its surroundings. These are the places you cannot miss.

– Bairro Alto or Bairro Alto: You will recognize it immediately by its narrow streets and its lively day and night life. In it is the famous funicular, the Santa Justa elevator, and the trams that give the neighborhood a very romantic air. This neighborhood was built in the 16th century and has become one of the most picturesque. Going out at night through Bairro Alto is a tradition and it is common to find bars to listen to fado in the area.

– Barrio Belém: It is on the banks of the Tagus River and is a regular stop for the ferry and tourist boats (highly recommended if you want to see the sunset in all its splendor from a mini-cruise ). It is possibly the neighborhood most visited by travelers, especially at Christmas since this is where New Year’s Eve is celebrated. If you are going to travel to Lisbon we advise you not to miss this neighborhood and, in fact, we recommend that you book a whole day for it. You will visit the monastery of San Jerónimo, which is considered as a World Heritage Site and also the mythical Torre de Belém, which is one of the most visited places in the city. If you are going to visit Lisbon for a maximum of 3 days it will make up for you to buy a Lisbon Card. It has a price of € 19, € 32 and € 40 respectively for 1,2 and 3 days and will allow you to see practically all the monuments of Lisbon at reduced or free prices. Think that only the entrance to the Torre Belém has a price of € 10, so we recommend you to buy the Lisboa Card.

– Alfama neighborhood: If you go to Lisbon and do not spend an evening of fado, the Portuguese musical style par excellence, is that you have not been to the capital of the country. Although you can find many places in the villages near Lisbon, Alfama is, without a doubt, the most famous. In addition to the recommended visit to the Castle of San Jorge that crowns the top. Know its viewpoints, the Santa Engracia pantheon, the feira da Ladra or the Fado Museum as well as the Sé Cathedral.

… And if you travel with children to Lisbon

Do not miss the oceanarium of the city of Lisbon, one of the most impressive in Europe. Its price is € 15 per person but if 2 adults and 2 children up to 12 years old travel there is a global discount and the fee is € 39 for everyone. Why is it a recommended to visit for the little ones? With its 16,000 copies you will be amazed to know the four different habitats recreated in the aquarium. The visit lasts about 2 hours and all the families who have gone to visit Lisbon and surroundings have marveled at it.


We would love to tell you that knowing Lisbon and the surrounding area will not take you time, but in reality, yes. Each excursion can take you up to a day, as in the case of Sintra. However, if you have a week or more, you will love these 5 towns near Lisbon.


In addition to the towns near Lisbon that you have in the link above you can do some excursions near Lisbon that are less known but not less interesting. Discover the villages near Lisbon!

Queluz: A splendid National Palace is what you will know in Queluz. If you want to know it, we recommend you do it before going to Sintra because, although it is splendid, Sintra is always more excessive and has many more palaces to see. The entrance price is € 10 per adult and stays open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to Sunday.

Costa de Caparica: It is another of the most touristic places that make up the excursions near Lisbon. Its beaches are famous for being considered “the biggest sand in Europe” so if you travel in the summer months it is a must visit. The coast gets its name from the town of Caparica. It is not particularly beautiful but it can be a good base to visit up to twenty beaches that are Saúde, Mata, Forte, Nova Praia, Riviera, Rainha, Castelo, Cabana do Pescador, Morena, do Rei, Sereia, Infante, Princess, Bela Vista, Azul, Nova Vaga or Fonte de Telha.

Peninsula of Troia: This restinga located in front of Setúbal (also highly recommended) is our last stop. In it you can meet some essential places such as the Roman ruins. By the way, you can take the opportunity to travel between Setúbal and the Troia Peninsula by ferry. Also from Punta de Adoxe, another nearby town, of catamaran.