How To Choose The Best Hotel Room (Yes, There Are Tricks)

Although this theme arises repetitively year after year, it is also true that you may find it equally interesting. We recommend some tricks that will lead you to choose the best hotel room wherever you go.

The options we have for you are designed so that you can find exactly what you are looking for. You want to know more? In that case you should know again and again the possibilities that you will find in your path and that will make your visit the most special you have ever imagined.

The 5 keys to choose the best hotel room

# 1.Precise location, the new trend: Since the NH hotel chain announced in 2016 that it was going to give its customers the option of choosing the exact hotel room according to their personal needs, the commotion has been generalized. Other hotel chains such as Barceló are working in this same line. But, what is the advantage of selecting the hotel room you want? Well, the same one that has to be able to choose your seat of interest on a flight or on a train. Not all locations are the same.

# 2.Decoration and ECO environment: Ecological and sustainable hotels are becoming the best choice. In this case they do not exist in your area, an increasingly common option is Glamping, which consists of rooms-camping huts that will be unique since they meet both tendencies.

# 3.Select your room in the non-smoking area : Although in most hotels, smoking is not allowed in the rooms, there is a hallway area where you can smoke.

# 4.The perfect hotel in a clear sign: Choosing a good hotel also depends on various features such as the location where it is located, access and free parking, cleaning, WiFi and if breakfast is included as well as the size of the room (especially if you are going to spend more than a couple of nights, it will be essential to be spacious) and customer treatment (thanks to the Internet you can now check the opinions of customers). The reviews of other travelers, in fact, are one of the best options to find the perfect hotel.

# 5.Room on upper floor (always better) : The rooms on the lower floors of a hotel are usually noisier as they are passage areas. Therefore, the suites are always located on the upper floors. In the event that you are pursuing all the possibilities for your trip we recommend that you choose your room on the upper floors. Most hotels do not allow you to choose the room but you can decide if you want a more or less quiet room, which may be optimal.